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A picture is worth a thousand words. Hotels heavily use imagery in their products and services, from showing pictures of room on OTA sites...

A picture is worth a thousand words. Hotels heavily use imagery in their product and services, from showing pictures of room on OTA sites to showing a hotel directory for navigation.

Current ways to showcase the hotels consist of fisheye images, bird-view images and sometimes floor plans, which are distorted, low resolution or simply confusing. Consequently, it affects how hotel guests perceive the hotel and their experience with the hotel, which affects their desire to stay with you.

To solve the problem, we need images that are more realistic, high-quality and interactive, to better showcase hotels' compelling product and services. Here's where we introduce Virtual Reality or VR.

What is VR and how to make VR images?

VR images allow users to view the environment in the most realistic and immersive way. It provides a 360 degree view to the property with virtual interactions with the environment so it's just like the users are at the site.

However, taking VR images/videos traditionally requires a skilled photographer and expensive equipment. Here we are recommending this product called Matterport. An easy-to-use, low cost, self-support capture services that hotel can use to create VR images.

Source: Matterport

What they do is utilizing the pictures you take of your facilities and constructing a 3D view of your site using artificial intelligence. With the 3D view, we can create 360 images, VR videos and floor plans.

How you can use VR?

Now, it's time to think about how you can utilize this beautiful VR imagery to enhance your product and services. The application is endless but here's where we think it can help the most.

Hotel Listing

We can easily embed these VR imagery on your hotel websites (via iframe) and you can showcase your room in the most immerse way possible.

Hotel Navigation

Images show a floor plan of a hotel displaying on our Guest Service Station

Hotel guests can get lost in the hotel easily since they are new to the place and hotels layout can be vastly different across regions. A floor plan made with images can provide a much better description of the space. No more lost, frustrating hotel guests! To implement this floor plan, we can simply install this on your hotel kiosk, digital signage, or mobile application.  

Virtual Tours

These VR imagery can be used to create cinematic videos. The video can provide viewers an in-depth walkthrough of the hotel and its special facilities (e.g. pool, gym or spa). The video can be shared on the hotel website, social media platform or through a website url hosted by us.

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