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Pre Check-in
An electronic form to let the guests begin their check-in before they arrive the hotel.
Wireless Access
WLAN solution for a robust, efficient WiFi service
Digital Signage
Affordable, large-screen display to replace traditional banner and notice board.
Voice Message System
Intelligence mailbox for businesses to capture every missed guest requests
Call Accounting System
Serving as an interface of multiple systems to the property management system for posting charges.
Internet Gateway
Connect your local network to the internet.
Ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection is every part of your premise.
CABD System
Along with our licensing services, we bringing TV broadcast to your hotel.
Public Announcement System
High quality audio performance for delivering messages and background musics.
High resolution camera to safeguard your guest, your staff and your hotel.
Door Lock
RFID door lock system that is reliable, robust and resilient.
Job Management System
Coordinate tasks, manage staff, and ensure guest satisfaction with ease
TV Screen
HD display that can be installed anywhere, e.g. guest room, lobby, security room
Telephone Sets
The only stylish, versatile telephone set that fits the needs of your hotel.
Keycard enabled smart lockers allow guests to enjoy their stays without worrying their belongings.
Hotel App
Mobile app serving as a virtual one-stop-service platform for your hotel product and services
Access Point
Provide smooth, stable internet experience
Vending Machine
Replacing minibars with a machine that serves countless products and does inventory for you.
Telecom System
Comprehensive telephone functions, flexible and reliable system.
Guest Service Station
Mobile station that provides countless features, all to optimize guest experience.
Self-Service Kiosk
Speeding up routine processes, increase throughput and thus decrease delays and queues.