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Golden News provides total IT solutions to hotels, hostels, service apartments, offices and hospitals. Our advanced IT softwares and hardwares have been serving various multi-national hospitality companies like Hyatt, Rosedale and Marriott International across Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.
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technology solutions.
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What is TVP
Launched by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC), the goal of TVP program is to support business to adopt IT solutions to improve productivity, upgrade and transform their business process and hence most of the approved solutions will online or cloud solution
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Key Features
-- 1 --
6 projects Maximum
You can apply for TVP to carry out 6 different projects with a combine project cost of $600,000.
-- 2 --
3:1 Matching Basis
TVP will fund 75% of your project cost and the remaining 25% must be covered by the enterprise.
-- 3 --
Applicant Eligibility
You would have to be a privately-owned and a non government subsidized enterprises.
-- 4 --
Specific Project Solutions
Not all technological solutions are covered by TVP. See below to see what will be covered.
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How we can help
Not all technological solutions are supported by TVP. We have filtered out the solutions that are most
suitable to target our clients’ most pressing issues and satisfy TVP’s requirements at the same time.
To keep up with guests' internet demand for video streaming, VR technologies and other online activities, hotels need the latest network technologies.
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Guest Service Station
Guests nowadays demand more than just bed and breakfast services from their hotels. Guest Service Station provides a platform for hotels to expand their digital service offerings.
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Vending Machine
In-room minibar has become a significant cost burden for hotels. Installing vending machines centralizes inventory and streamline replenishment.
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Self-Service Kiosk
With the rising cost in labor and the growth of independent travelers, hotels need to invest on self-service technologies to maintain service quality and efficiency.
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Customer Data Platform
Guests demand personalized experience when they visit the hotel. However, to understand individual needs, we need data to support decision making. We provide the tools and services you need to do just that.
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Job Dispatching System
Are housekeepr and engineer jobs getting out of hands? Have Job Dispatching System organize and streamline the job assignment for you.
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Hotel App
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