We provide everything you need for your IT.

We provide total solutions to your IT infrastructure so you can focus on what is more important, providing better products/services to your customers. 

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Vending Machine

Guest Service station

Technology Voucher Programme

Get funded by the Government to upgrade your businesses
  • Safekeeping your premises network by monitoring and filtering untrusted traffic.

    Cybersecurity Solution

  • Enhancing guests' experience by overlaying real world with digitally enhanced stimulus.

    AR Technology System

  • Staying on top of your hardware equipments and assets and automating works order to carry out maintenance more efficiently 

    Resource Planning

  • Cloud storage for your company data, ensuring security, reliability and high availability.

    Document Management

  • Guest-service station that can take care large variety of concierge services, including check-out, receipt issues and other high end functions. 

    POS System

  • A variety of cloud applications and interfaces that streamlines your business processes so you can focus what you do best. 

    Productivity/Business Process

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Explore what we offer. We have everything you need for your
  • Telephone

    PABX, Phone sets, and other telephone technology 

  • Network

    Robust, secure and speedy internet for your guests.

  • Interfacing

    Official parter with JDS, allowing us to integrate your peripheral with Opera PMS

  • Infotainment

    Offering the content, software and hardware to provide info and entertainment.

  • Door Lock

    RFID door lock system that is reliable, robust and seamless.

  • PMS

    Affordable alternatives for existing systems while maintaining 

  • CCTV

    Secure and seamless for your guest rooms.

  • Mobile App

    Bring your hotel experience to guests’ mobile to provide digital service like no other. 

  • Guest Service Station

    Mobile station that provides countless features, all to optimize guest experience. 

  • Vending Machine

    Bring your hotel experience to guests’ mobile to provide digital service like no other. 






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