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Knowing which room is empty soon the guest leaves

Guest Service Station automates the checkout process to speed up housekeeping process.

One of the most frequent complaints hotels receive is that some guests are not able to enter their rooms after checking-in because the housekeeping staff is still cleaning them. The cause of the problem is that housekeeping staff generally has less than two hours to clean all the rooms between check-out and check-in. Moreover, despite the check-out time is at noon, a number of guests do not leave on time.

One clear solution is to get notified when a guest leave the hotel so housekeeping staff can start the cleaning sooner. Some hotels try to solve the problem by setting up a drop-off box. This generates another problem where hotel staff would need to regularly check the box, which in turn increases the workload of an already over-occupied staff.

Guest Service Station or GSS check-out features target this problem and provides an automated solution. GSS is a mobile station equipped with card reader and dispenser that can take in a keycard, read the content and send a notification to hotel staff.  

One step check-out process

To perform checkout, all guests have to do is putting the card into the card dispenser on the surface of the station -- See video below for a demonstration.

A card reader (depending on the keycard system deployed at the hotel) is installed inside the station which can verify whether the card is in fact a hotel keycard and rejects if it's not.

To further improve the experience, hotels can customize what happens after the hotel guests successfully check out at the station. the station could be printing a coupon for using the hotel's cafe (as shown in the video) as a thank-you or displaying a guest feedback form, which all helps improve guest experiences.

Notify housekeeping staff soon the guests checkout

Hotel staff would get notified when a guest checks out at one of the stations through messaging apps and they can view the detail of the checkout at the Hotel Admin Portal, which is an on-premise web portal that manages everything happening at the machine.

Hotel Admin Portal

Opera's PMS check-out automation

We have integrated this feature with Opera's PMS so not only hotel staff gets notified when someone checkout, we can also update PMS's room status directly for front desk staff.

This is done by using a Kiosk Interface powered by our strategic software partner, Jurudata Services, which will send a request to the PMS system to perform check-out.

See full video here in Youtube

Explore our Guest Service Station or let us know if you want a demo.

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