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Launching Digital Check-in Form to improve check-in one form at a time

One of the most frequently complained services in hotel is check-in. During peak check-in period of the day especially weekends, some...

One of the most frequently complained services in hotel is check-in. During peak check-in period of the day especially weekends, some guests claimed they had to wait for hours before getting their room keys, which could affect their experience in the hotel and consequently lead to bad reviews and reduced intention to return. Obviously, this is nobody's fault. Front desk was not built to scale up and down easily and current check-in procedure is a multi-step process involving ID verification and payment, which doesn't allow error. We need a solution that streamline and simplify the process at the front desk.

Here we are introducing Digital Check-in Form. What we are trying to do is allowing guests to finish a part of the check-in procedure PRIOR their arrival at the hotel, so that work at the front desk will be less and the whole process can be sped up.

Starting the check-in procedure before the check-in ⏰

The last thing a guest wants is standing and queuing to get their keycards to their room. What if they can start the check-in process before they reach the front desk? Just like how passengers can get their boarding pass 24 hours before boarding, guests can begin their check-in process prior their arrival. They can fill in the forms, read important notices from the hotels and perform signature.

Easy to search 🔍

To ensure the guests fill in the information correctly, front desk staff can check the information and the result will be displayed in a Google Sheet form (see example). Providing a clear presentation of data and eliminating the needs for keeping paper record. If you have to locate a specific guests, you can perform filter, sorting or simply press Ctrl + F (i.e. keyboard shortcut for the text search function) to find guests' form response.

Simple distribution with security in mind ✉️

There are these 2 main ways where you can distribute the form to your guests:

  1. QR code
  2. URL


Since our form is a website, no app is need to be installed, providing much seamless experience. In addition, we can set a view-only authorization for hotel staff to ensure the integrity of the data, meaning that hotel staff and anyone who have access to the data can only view the data but not edit them.

Guest signature (premium feature) 🖊


Sometimes it's best to include guests' signatures in the form for legal reasons and/or preventing future disputes. Using our digital forms, guests can sign on their mobile devices. Their signatures will be converted into an image and stored in a secure server and thus these signatures will not be able altered or deleted.

Sustainability 🌲

Check-in requires multiple one-time use papers for each guest. Transitioning to digital forms helps hotels to reduce their impact on the environment. Not to mention it eliminates the needs to manage physical documents, which could take up valuable real-estate in the hotel.

What's next

We are currently only support health declaration form, and we are working really hard to support other forms as well, including Registration Card and more.

There isn't a one perfect solution to solve guest experience problem, but combining with several different technologies we might just

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback -- we'd love to hear from you.


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