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【Missed the chance to get the funding?】

The Distance Business (D-biz) Programme applications were closed during the last October of 2020, and to date the Secretariat had approved nearly 35 000 applications.

The D-biz Programme under the government's Anti-epidemic Fund aimed at supporting

enterprises to adopt IT solutions to continue business and services during the epidemic.


Missed the chance to get the funding?

Don't worry! The ITC is offering another similar funding programme called Technology Voucher Programme (TVP), and you can get up to $600K in Government grant to purchase new IT solutions and services.

Here at Golden News, we offer the latest IT products and solutions suitable for applying the TVP:


TVP Questionnaire

To answer a few simple questions, allow us to help you to review your company/institution meets the basic application qualifications for TVP technology funds.

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to learn more!


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TVP Leaflet 2021 (v2.2)
Download PDF • 1.01MB