Property Management System


Making PMS Simple

Simplicity & Integration

Hotel Management System

Single platform to manage your property. It is easy to use and time-saving.


Property Management System


Include Room & Rate Availability Check, Multi Room Type Displays, Multi Room Type per Reservation, Room Assignment, Computation of Total Room Charges, Deposit, Rate Code Modification, Room Upgrades.

Front Desk

Includes Check In, Print Registration Card, Room Assignment, Room Key Interface, Extend Stay, Action Message, Fixed Charge, Room Routing, Automated Guest Communication.


Includes Unlimited Folio/Tax Inovice, Settlements, Check Out, Billing, Group Express Checkout, Point-Of-Sales Integration.


Includes Room Status Updates, Laundry Posting, Mini Bar Posting, Housekeeping Mobile App, Maid Assignment.

Group Management

Include Group Check-ins, Check-Out, Post, Rooming List, Master Folio.


Include Account Management, Daily Journal, General Ledger, Cash Book, Account Receivable, Account Payable, Online Procurement Management.

Revenue Management

Include Revenue Optimization Dashboard-Dynamic Pricing Integration with Channel Manager.


Includes Dashboard Hotel Statistics, Analysis and Control via Mobile Device.


Booking Engine

Booking Engine.png

Fully Responsive

Our responsively designed blueprints ensure your site always renders beautifully on all devices.

Direct Booking

Booking engine runs from within your own domain name giving 100% brand and credibility.

Online Payment and Deposit

Your customers can pay securely online with their credit card for full payment or deposit.By accepting payments online, you say good-bye to no-shows, and simplify your operations.

Packaging and Add-Ons

Dynamic packaging system allows you to repackage your activities and products as well as third party activities. Add-on during booking allow you to monetize and up-sell extras like airport transfer, spa treatments etc.

Social Media Integration

Turn your hotel's guests into advocates

Save Time, Reduce Erros

Bookings are automatically inserted into your IDB property management system and availability is updated accordingly across all your distribution channels.


Channel Manager

Channel Manager.png

Connect with the major distribution channels

200+ Channels including Expedia, Booking .com, Agoda etc, Ctrip.

Automate your Entire Online Strategy

Manage multiple distributors and update everything through a single centralised platform. IDB PMS does the work for you, automatically and in real-time.

Single-point dashboard for managing all your distribution channels

Manage your rate & availability for your rooms sold online within your IDB PMS account, in a few clicks.

Integrated Reservations

Bookings made on your website through your booking engine and all distribution channels are automatically entered into IDB PMS and your availability is updated accordingly across all channels.



You can access PMS system from anywhere at anytime, you are not tied to your reception desk. PMS system is based in the "Cloud" or on-premise server meaning you can log in from anywhere via the internet. Whether you're using a laptop at home, an iPad or your smartphone, PMS system gives you unprecedented access in order to control and run your property.

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