Self-service Kiosk

Kiosk pic-1.png

Quick Smart Check-in/Check-out Function improves hotel service level and ability.

By IDs or passports, guests can do DIY check-in and check-out in 30 seconds, and choose their own favorite rooms. This ensures guests satisfaction and good lodging experience.

i-Kiosk Interface Introduction.png
  • Dual monitor
One for Marketing and Advertising
One for control touch screen
  • Wi-Fi enabled
For configuration and content update
  • Industrial PC for applications​
Interface with PMS for automatic guests check-in/check-out and billing information exchange, etc.
  • Passport / ID scanner
Support Passport scan and check-in information fetching
  • Key card dispenser
Key card automatic issuing & withdrawing
  • Slip print
Check-in & check-out receipt printing
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