The Hotel app that makes guests and hoteliers happy.

CEPO Hotel App was created to not only make sure hotel guests have better travel experience but also ensure it doesn't increase the workload for existing hotel staff. 

Every feature is built with efficiency and simplicity in mind.

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CEPO Hotel App provides a one-stop-service to most of the product and services you can provide, including hotel booking, room service, facility reservation.

One click to service.

Currently, guest experience and labor cost are closely tied. To have better guest experience, hotelier will need to invest more on staff, which could be unsustainable. CEPO hotel app aims to improve service while reducing the current labor cost. 

Room Booking

We can connect our app with your hotel website booking system. Your loyal guests can book directly on your site with your promotion code. No more losing commission to OTA website. 

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Facility Booking

Some facilities in hotel are more manpower-limited than the other. A staff working at a spa might need to be in different roles at the same time. Our facility booking automates the task by answering basic questions and performing reservation.

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Room Service and Amenities

Three clicks are all guests need to order a bottle opener from housekeeping. Five seconds are all hotel needs to receive a requests and pass it to person in charge. No more over-worked front desk staff. No more mis-communication. 

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Immersive experience through the phone

One of the hottest innovation in hotel tech right now is Virtual Reality. Here we are bringing this technology to the Hotel App, help your guests to experience hotel to its fullest extent. 

360 degree view

No more distorted, angle limited images. You can add details to your images, to explain every special bit of your hotel.

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Floor plan

Hotels with a large premises, associated shopping mall or complex layout could benefit from our real-life floor plan features. 


Sell more than just rooms.

E-commerce is probably a must-have for most businesses nowadays. Same for hotels. Traditionally, some hotels have souvenir shops but it's expensive to start and operate one. Selling online, on the other hand, eliminates the need to keep stock, reduces manpower need and saves previous hotel real-estates. 

Shop in the room

One of the main reasons most travellers coming to Hong Kong is shopping. The average spending for 28 million overnight visitors is $6611 in 2018, which makes up a total of $331 billion. In the days of e-commerce, guests shouldn't need to step outside to buy things they need.

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Extend your hotel to the digital space.

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