Help You Compete in the Age of AI

We provide a suite of digital tools and services for our customers to transform customer experience and streamline their businesses.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

Most hotels provide a similar service: rooms, in-room dining services, breakfast buffets. However, in the age of AI, you have to provide a more personalized and refreshing experience to your guests.


VR Hotel Experience

Virtual Reality Tours provide your guests a more immersive and interactive way to view your property. We use Matterport Virtual Reality Technology to put your guest rooms, hotel lobby and restaurant inside the Metaverse. Based on their survey study, Virtual Reality Tour increases booking conversion for 14%.


Online Store/Payment

E-commerce has rapidly taken over the retail industry because of its convenience, personalized experience using customer data and flexibility to adopt different business models. We can help you set up shop so you can sell your own product or you can partner with your favorite brand.



Chatbots provide a quick way to kick start the conversation between you and your guests. Without investing heavily in customer service, you can understand your guests' need in a more systematic and seamless way. 


Set up Google Analytics

Ever wonder how your website is doing or how your marketing campaign is doing? How effective is your campaign in driving stays. With Google Analytics, we can provide you with actionable insight supported by precise data.


Website Revamping

Want to edit words or add a blog post on your website, but your service providers are charging your thousands of dollar to do so? We can provide you a no-code platform that your staff can use with ease.

Smarter Hotel Operation

Hoteliers need to adopt lean operating models to meet the demands of rapidly changing customer needs, rising operating costs, and staff shortages. Digitization and automation will be fundamental to hotels achieving this.


Staff Communication

How many of you still use Whatsapp for work? Whatsapp is great for quick reporting but it makes issues harder to track, especially when it’s short staffed. We can provide you task management app so you can streamline communication between your staff, your departments, or even across companies.


Notification System

Using an old system that requires a staff manning a station? With a little tweak, we can integrate your system with our notification system so that you can get updated status on any system you like, whether it's a fire alarm, water sensor, hallway temperature.


Task Automation

Mundane tasks that occupy lots of your time? We can help you with that. We build low-cost, customizable, subscription-based software program for you to maximize your return and minimize your cost. From creating reports to data entry, we can build customizable software for your existing system.

Ready for the Next Era of Hospitality?